Hello and welcome. This is where you will find my news, shop and everything connected to my life as a maker.

‘Inker’ is where you can buy online or commission a special something. I specialise in ink tattooing on leather and this is where you’ll find whatever I’ve been making recently, experiments, one offs and limited editions.

In ‘Projects’ you can see pieces, installations and events that I’ve worked on that span Art, Design, Craft and Illustration.

‘T-inker’ is my blog where you’ll find work in progress, things I’ve been looking at and what I’m developing.
In time I’ll have an online learning forum here, concentrating on leatherwork and surface decoration with an emphasis on quality finishing and small batch production. If you have a project you want to work through this is where you can get one to one help.

If you’re looking for a handmade sporran please visit my Sporran Nation website http://sporran-nation.co.uk/ …if you’re looking for anything else then stay here with me.