ink (ĭngk) inker (ĭngk’ǝr)
n. A pigmented liquid or paste used for writing or printing. Informal A tattoo or tattoos
tr.v. inked, ink·ing, inks
To mark, coat, or stain with ink.
Informal To tattoo.
ink′er n. A person who applies ink to surfaces
ink′i·ness n.
ink′y adj.

Welcome to inker

Taking bespoke to a whole new level

tattoologoTattooing on leather is almost the same as tattooing on skin, the same inks are used, the same tattoo machines, the same needles and it takes the same time to tattoo on leather as it does on skin. After a lot of experimenting I’ve adapted some of the processes so that they work better on leather. Some leathers like it better than others though so the experimenting continues… The general rule for colours is that the darker the leather the darker the result, if you send me something black to be inked the result will be dark ink on black, it’ll be very subtle, textural. You can have me work directly onto an item, a jacket, a pair of shoes, a belt, a bag maybe. Or I can make something from scratch for you, like I do on my sporran site If you have a garment that you’d like made into something let me know. I’ve been working with old motorbike jackets lately, making bespoke sporrans. Its a lovely way of upcycling your old leathers and generally all they need is a bit of concentrated tlc to bring them back to life.

In the inker shop you’ll find bags, purses, wall pieces, guitar straps, sketchbooks and the odd bit of furniture among other things. As inker is a whole new venture by me, I’ll be adding photos of pieces as and when I do them.

My background is in the arts, my degree is in drawing & painting and my career has been in textiles and leatherwork construction & design. Inker is a great way of using all my skills in one place so come and get involved….

inker bespoke works like this:

1. you contact me and tell me what you want
2. between us we work out a design and a price
3. you send me the item to be tattooed or I incorporate the tattoo into the item I’m already making for you
4. I send it to you complete with tattoo

You can get me on, or if you’re in the North East of Scotland pop into the studio to see me, I’m at Mo Dhachaidh, Little Crook, Forres IV361LN or you can find me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram