Spinner weavers

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This is a recording of the sound of weavers weaving and spinners spinning. I processed it, picked out frequencies to put through cymatic software, then collated and manipulated the cymatic patterns to work as a repeat in the round.
It was knitted with wool that one of the spinners had spun, Jennifer Earle from the Burlington Hand Weavers and Spinners Group
I made this piece of work in 2015 as a response to a 2 week residency I took part in at the Art Gallery of Burlington which was part of a Scottish/Canadian contemporary craft exhibition called Naked Craft
I made and exhibited a Salmon skin belt, a copper sporran and a travel bag stamped with patterns derived from sound recordings I made during the journey from Forres, Moray to Burlington, Ontario. Naked Craft toured Scotland and Canada for two years and was a collaborative project between Edinburgh College of Art, The Burlington Art Centre, Craft Ontario and NSCAD University.
knitted sound

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